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BELLANY Gelato & Sorbet trademark has been developed by Can Do Company Limited since the end of 2008. The company produces and distributes ice creams and sorbets based on a unique Italian recipe called Gelato.
By using only fresh fruits from Vietnam, imported frozen fruits from Europe, natural ingredients (no artificial colour and no artificial flavour) and by sourcing from only reputable suppliers, we are able to get the best flavour in our ice creams.
We provide consumers with a new and amazing choice of ice-creams and sorbets.
A team of over 50 people is dedicated to offer you the best experience, finest products and service in the Vietnamese Ice Cream market. 


All Natural Gelatos & Sorbets

•  No artificial ingredients or coloring
 Only fresh and natural ingredients (milk and fruits)
 Produced in Vietnam with local fruits and imported frozen fruits from Europe


Pleasure with the finest ingredient

 The finest selection of fresh fruits from Vietnam (Phan Thiet, Da Lat and MeKong Delta fruits) and imported frozen fruits from Europe
 An extensive selection of flavors from international (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, caramel,…) to Asian ones (red bean, taro,…)
 Innovative and surprising flavors throughout the year


 Less fat and less sugar than regular ice-cream
 A wide choice of sorbets
 Fruit sourcing proximity and rigorous selection



•  Adapted to Vietnamese tastes
•  Also a wide choice of international flavors and innovative ones
 Produced in Vietnam with local sourcing when possible
For professional : Service proximity - Supply chain, marketing – and various distribution centers in Vietnam



BELLANY ice creams are all natural gelato & sorbet made from the finest selection of fresh fruits from Vietnam and imported frozen fruits from Europe (raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant). Our ice creams are less fat and less sweet than regular ice-creams.

• What is Gelato?

Gelato is made with dairy products and provides you with a rich pleasure of fresh milk. A nice measurement of sugar in our recipes is adapted to major customers' tastes and expectations of healthy products - while ensuring the full taste of our fruits and ingredients.
Less fat - Less sugar - More fruits !

• What is Sorbet?

Sorbet is based on a non-fat recipe and made without dairy ingredients (as milk and whipping cream). They offer all the richness, freshness and pleasure of fruits. We use a complicated formulation for a maximum fruit satisfaction and to satisfy high-end expectations.
No fat - Less sugar - More fruits !



We offer an extensive selection of flavors from international (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, pistachio, caramel,…) to Asian ones (red bean, black sesame, taro,…) and innovative and surprising flavors throughout the year divided into 3 different lines :


•  The best quality/price ratio in natural ice cream
•  Price, taste and quality satisfaction
•  Wide selection of classic flavors


Ice Cream Sorbet
Stracciatella Lemon / Lime
Strawberry Red Dragon Fruit (NEW)
Chocolate Calamansi (NEW)
Cinnamon Soursop
Coconut Passion Fruit
Mango (NEW)  



•  A high-level quality natural ice cream at affordable price
•  Full flavor and richness of fruits
•  For ice cream lovers and connoisseurs
•  An extensive choice of flavors


Ice Cream Sorbet
Choco Coffee Raspberry
Choco Mint Cherry
Choco Bella Strawberry
Matcha Peach Iced Tea
Red Berries Mango
Avocado (NEW) Salted Chili Pineapple (NEW)
Bailey's Jackfruit (NEW)
Vanilla Bella
Rum Raisin
Black Seasame
Salted Caramel
Choco Chips
Coco Bella
Banana Bella
Banana Chocochips (NEW)
Milk Rice (NEW)  



•  For professional
•  Top-level quality natural ice cream 
•  The finest ingredients in the market
•  Surprising and innovative flavors
•  Signature flavors and limited edition


Ice Cream Sorbet
Vanilla Ginger Blackcurrant with Phu Quoc pepper
Pistachio Yuzu (with candied peels)



+ SMALL BOX: for Modern Trade, Convenient Store, Gourmet Shop, Room Service Horeca

+ BIG BOX (3L): for HORECA