Hard top Freezer

 * IXR-128FL
  Long x Large x High: 574 x 524 x 845 (mm)
  Capacity liter: 120L
  Volt: 220V
* IXR-208Fl
  Long x Large x High: 754 x 524 x 845 (mm)
  Capacity liter: 200L
  Volt: 220V
* IXR-318FLG
  Long x Large x High: 1080 x 600 x 826 (mm)
  Capacity liter: 318L
  Volt: 220V


Display Case Freezer

* IXR-358FIC
  Long x Large x High: 1033 x 620 x 869 (mm)
  Capacity liter: 350L
  Volt: 220V

Big Display freezer

Display counter Freezer

* SNR-0085
  Length x Width x Height: 605 x 635 x 885 (mm)
  Capacity: 96L
  Voltage: 220V - 240V


* Scoop maker


* Cones Machine


Specific study per locations *

BUFFET FREEZER (Buffet Application)

Buffet Application_INDOOR



Cyclo (Swimming Pool Application)

Cart (bycicle) (2mx2mx0,9m)


Cart (no bycicle) (2mx0,85mx0,9m)



Wooden Cool Box For Paletas

Wooden cool box for beach bar


* Under specific conditions, please contact our sales team to know more about them