Peach Iced Tea Sorbet
Peach Iced Tea Sorbet

Price: 700,000 VND

    Product code: A037
  • Origin : Vietnam
  • Trademark : Bellany Ice Cream
  • Expiry date : 12 months
  • Status : Stocking
  • Product size : 3L (n)
  • Evaluation :
  • • Ingredients: Bellany uses Vietnamese brown tea, fresh frozen peach purée and fresh frozen pieces of peach from Andros, France (no canned peach are used).

    • Minimum order: 500,000vnd

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    Product details

    • Peach Iced Tea Sorbet. A frosty glass of refreshing iced tea is the inspiration for this sorbet.
    • This sorbet is every peach lover's dream! It's made with fresh peaches and our very own Peache Iced Tea recipe
    • Sweet and really refreshing

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