Wasabi Ice Cream
Wasabi Ice Cream

Price: 700,000 VND

    Product code: A023
  • Origin : Vietnam
  • Trademark : Bellany Ice Cream
  • Expiry date : 12 months
  • Status : Stocking
  • Product size : 3L (n)
  • Evaluation :
  • • Ingredients: Bellany uses Japanese a fresh wasabi from a local Japanese supplier

    • Minimum order: 500,000vnd

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    Product details

    Spicy rhizome, very popular in Japanese gastronomy, Wasabi is grated on shark skin grater (Oroshiki) to give it his distinctive taste. 
    Wasabi Ice Cream offers a tasty and exotic combination of heat and sweet,
    Serving Suggestion : it can be served with sushi, meats or with any kind of exotic blended desserts. 

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