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  • Announcement: services to customer
    • Announcement: services to customer Tuesday, 11:28 Date 12/10/2021

      We have just reopened our activity after 2 months of confinement. Like many, our activity suffers from logistical and human resource difficulties. We are creating new stocks of products and will be able to serve the market in a few days. The creation of new stock mobilizes our resources and requires time to do so.   

  • New flavor - Yuzu With Candied Peels Sorbet
  • new packaging for 450ml
    • new packaging for 450ml Thursday, 08:56 Date 27/05/2021

      At Bellany, we are constantly improving the quality and the look of our products that could bring joy to the ones who use them. We are happy to announce that we have now 1 new packaging for 450ml - 100% carton made - recyclable marking our efforts towards sustainability.  

  • customer feedback on fanpage